Ibix H20 Cleaning and Restoration System in Gloucester, Cheltenham, Stroud and The Cotswolds

We at Colm OReilly are constantly improving and investing in our business to buy the best equipment on the market, in order to bring you, the client the best possible service locally. We are able to undertake all aspects of building cleaning and specialise in stone cleaning/restoration. We have invested in the Ibix System to add this to our arsenal of specialised equipment at our disposal. This enables us to undertake the most sensitive, yet effective of cleaning projects you may need.

It can be used for the gentle cleaning of historical, listed and delicate building substrates along with graffiti, timber restoration, marble, bronze, and facades amongst many others.

It has been used Worldwide on such projects as the Eiffel Tour, Paris, France, Imperial Forum in Rome, Italy and St.Peters Gate, Saint Petersburg in Russia.

The sandblasting and micro-abrasive IBIX Special Cleaning systems are cutting-edge technologies and able to reduce significantly working time, residues and labour costs of traditional cleaning methods; ecological and safe. IBIX machines use only non-toxic and non-polluting materials that guarantee the maximum respect for the operators and the environment. The IBIX machines are completely made of aluminium, lightweight and easy to transport and they can work in open spaces without placing bulky protective equipment around the site.

Our system is completely portable and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is small enough to be carried in our own Hinowa tracked spider cherry basket for high level cleaning and restoration work. It has small footprint using a compact petrol powered compressor, not the usual large noisy trailer mounted diesel units associated with media blasting. It is a highly efficient and patented system used in a huge array of restoration and cleaning projects.

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