softwashingIn the past 20 years or more self finished renders became very popular among architects for houses and buildings in a range of different colors. They look well and are very practical - the idea being that they wouldn’t need painting but as a lot of people are finding out now they do need cleaning every now and again

The reason we get so much algae growth on these surfaces is down to better wall insulation which means less heat transfer through the walls, resulting in a damper render which promotes algae growth. Also, the texture of these surfaces along with our wet climate contributes to algae and fungal growth.

We can clean and control the unsightly red, green and black staining that is ruining the appearance of your render.

Our softwash methods will kill the spores that are causing the staining and discoloration. These surfaces - if excessively cleaned using high pressure cleaners can be damaged and marked very easily and will cause irreversible damage and only cause rapid regrowth of algae. (free test patch can be arranged)


"We have a K Rend finish on our house and a red fungus had taken hold in the plaster - quiet badly in places. There was also some growth beginning on the slates. K Rend recommended Algoclear Pro So...

Patrick Kavanagh - Craanford

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