Softwashing techniques are necessary when cleaning slate and tile roofs.

Preparing the roof for treatment

If there is a lot of moss it's best to remove before treatment. This is done by hand either by means of a roofing ladder or from the eaves with telescopic tools. The gutter is then cleaned out and falling debris is gathered. The roof is then ready for a spray treatment all over ensuring creeps and laps are flooded. It is then left to self cleanse over the coming months with the weather cycles. The speed of cleansing is by and large in relation to site exposure. It varies typically between 6 to 12 months on grainy substrates. In the meantime as the cleansing progresses the original color of the roof material reappears.

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"We have a K Rend finish on our house and a red fungus had taken hold in the plaster - quiet badly in places. There was also some growth beginning on the slates. K Rend recommended Algoclear Pro So...

Patrick Kavanagh - Craanford

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